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Best Gold IRA Companies 2023 – Trusted Providers

Retirement investors want to insulate their wealth against inflation, stock market uncertainty, geopolitical uncertainty, and currency debasement.

Investors often see precious metals as a safe haven, more specifically, gold. It is perhaps the most coveted investment in the world because it can provide exorbitant returns for any investment portfolio. Generally speaking, gold is a safe investment and an excellent way to buffer inflation since the price of the metal increases when the U.S. dollar decreases.

Were you aware that you can convert a portion of your IRA, 401k, or retirement portfolio to physical silver and gold bullion?

The process of shifting one's IRA holdings into physical metals is called a gold IRA rollover, and it is becoming prevalent for investors who are interested in wealth and diversification protection.

American Hartford Gold

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, American Hartford Gold Group is one of the leading gold and precious metals dealers in the United States. They offer a wide range of gold and silver products, including coins, bars, and rounds.


American Hartford Gold is firm in Los Angeles, California that allows individuals to invest in precious metals. Sanford Mann, the chief executive officer, has over a decade of expertise in the precious metals industry. Their co-founder, Scott Gerlis, has over a decade of retail gold and silver experience. The corporation distributes assets physically or deposits them into retirement accounts such as IRAs and 401ks.

With the assistance of American Hartford Gold, clients can diversify their portfolios. You will receive premium gold and silver coins with a lifetime guarantee at competitive prices. The renowned Inc. 5000's 2021 List of America's Top Privately-Held Companies with the Fastest-Growing Revenues rated American Hartford Gold as the number one gold company.

How Is the American Hartford Gold Group unique?

Unlike other Gold IRA companies, American Hartford Gold offers a buyback program. The Buyback Guarantee permits consumers to easily dispose of their precious metals without additional expenses. American Hartford Gold commits itself to providing its clients with fairness and transparency while educating them on precious metal investments. They strive to provide outstanding client service, depending on complete satisfaction and trust.

After reaching 59.5 years, you can begin withdrawing funds from your IRA. You can sell the precious metals in the account and withdraw the proceeds. Before selling a percentage of your IRA, you should determine if there are any penalties. Laws governing this practice are subject to yearly changes, so talk to an expert beforehand to prevent early withdrawal penalties. Contact American Hartford when you're ready to unload your precious metals. They'll coordinate the shipping of the precious metals from the depository. Upon receipt of the package, they'll give you a check for the agreed-upon amount.

What Are The Fees?

American Hartford Gold doesn't impose fees for establishing a Gold IRA or transferring an existing retirement account into a Gold IRA. Shipping precious metals to the vault are free and involve tracking and insurance. On the website, American Hartford Gold doesn't mention how much their account maintenance fees cost. Based on the size of the account and the number of precious metals stored, this firm can waive your storage fees for about three years or more. American Hartford Gold has no minimum contribution level for Gold IRAs. On the American Hartford Gold site, you might find deals such as $1,500 in free silver and a maximum of three years with no account maintenance fees.

How Is the Customer Experience?

People who utilize American Hartford Gold for their IRAs commend the excellent client education, superior customer service, and knowledgeable and professional staff. Numerous first-time investors describe their experience as fun, seamless, and pressure-free. Additionally, most people appreciate the absence of expenses involved with purchasing and maintaining their assets. Nevertheless, some clients complain about the long waits for their purchases due to shipping delays. However, American Hartford Gold is often quick to respond and continually works to resolve these issues in the least possible time.

What Are the Storage Options?

American Hartford Gold partners with the Delaware Depository, Brinks Global Services, and International Depository Services (IDS). You'll find these facilities in Delaware, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, and Salt Lake City. Select non-segregated or segregated storage based on your unique needs.

With these many options, clients can select the depository facility they can easily access to regularly inspect their assets. However, expect a storage fee of approximately $75, or more every year, depending on your storage facility and assets' quantity.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks of American Hartford Gold:



Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a Beverly Hills, California-based company that buys and sells precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The company also offers storage options for its clients' metals.


Augusta Precious Metals is an IRA provider that allows you to invest in tangible precious metals, such as gold, silvers, and more. Since its foundation in 2012, the provider has developed into a leader in silver and gold IRAs. Isaac Nuriani is the CEO of this family-operated company. Some of the services this company offers include IRA-acceptable precious metals, direct precious metals purchase, and storing gold in an IRS-approved depository. Augusta Precious Metals adheres to three client commitments: transparency, superior service, and simplicity. The firm will walk you through the entire process, from client education to withdrawals.

How Is Augusta Precious Metals Unique?

Augusta Precious Metals is distinct from other similar IRA providers. Unlike their competitors, Augusta won't only allow you to purchase precious metals, but they'll also assist you in making wise investment decisions. The firm ensures that you have access to an agent who can assist you in making sound financial decisions. The highly educated professionals at Augusta equip you with essential economic education. Besides, you can contact customer support anytime if you have any questions or concerns about your portfolio.

Augusta's customer service doesn't care about your history. The company treats all consumers with the same regard, whether you're simply starting with a small investment or have a substantial retirement account.

What Are the Fees?

Augusta Precious Metals doesn't highlight the fees they charge on their firm's website. Nonetheless, simple phone contact with one of their helpful professionals will allow you to receive answers to your inquiries.

Gold IRA accounts are typically self-directed, implying that you control the account. Thus, there are often no investment management costs. Nevertheless, the company will levy a signup fee and yearly storage and custodial fee. The price you'll pay for gold and silver varies from one day to another based on different factors. Thus, you'll also have to contact Augusta to obtain the current price of your precious metals before investing.

How Is the Customer Experience?

Augusta Precious Metals excels in providing client service and a sense of security throughout the life of each account. Hundreds of overwhelmingly positive client reviews and ratings attest to the excellence of this company's service. Upon landing on the platform's main page, you'll immediately find a live chat window.

Regarding the actual purchasing procedure, its order desk is among the best features of Augusta's client service plan. This order desk offers live support and real-time product information from Augusta's product team. If you decide to add gold or silver to your IRA portfolio, Augusta's product specialists will guide you throughout the process and handle all the necessary paperwork.

What Are the Storage Options?

Augusta Precious Metals collaborates with Brinks Global Services and International Depository Services Group (IDS) to fulfill its storage requirements for precious metals. The company keeps its investor's assets in seven independent, secure storage facilities dispersed across the United States and Canada.

After completing the purchase, your assets will arrive at your specified location within seven to ten days. While your valuables are held in a secure location, they'll be conveniently accessible.

For precious metals acquired outside of an IRA, Augusta can ship them straight to your mailbox or any other address inside the United States. Nonetheless, the company discourages its customers from holding precious metals in their homes.

Augusta Precious Metals provide free shipping. Although there's yet to be an incident of lost shipments, the company will always reimburse the total purchase amount should your assets get lost in transit.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Augusta Precious Metals:




Headquartered in Calabasas, California, Goldco is a leading provider of gold and precious metals IRA services. The company offers a wide range of gold and precious metals IRA products and services, making it one of the most comprehensive gold IRA providers in the industry


Goldco started in 2006 and has since shifted names from "Goldco Precious Metals" and "Goldco Direct." Trevor Gerszt, the provider's founder, and Brenda Whitman, its chief executive officer, both have extensive experience in the precious metals IRA sector.

After spending his youth in South Africa, the second-largest global gold producer, Trevor Gerszt, created the corporation in Woodland Hills, California. Gerszt learned about the industry through his family, who collected and traded gold and other precious metals. Brenda Whitman climbed up the ranks to CEO after beginning her career with the firm as the director of IRA services. Having worked at Capital Gold Group and taught the National Affiliate Program to financial professionals, she has extensive expertise in safeguarding your hard-earned savings. Goldco sells actual gold coins, other precious metals, and retirement plans such as precious metal IRAs and 401(k) accounts.

How Is Goldco Precious Metals Unique?

Goldco dedicates itself to establishing a self-directed IRA and making buying precious metals as simple as possible. Their specialists are available through email and phone throughout the process, including after finalizing the sale, to address any issues or questions clients may have. Besides providing excellent customer service, Goldco offers various educational opportunities. Their site contains written reports, videos, and even blogs that give insight regarding investing, precious metals, and the economic atmosphere. The company ensures its clients are well-informed and make decisions that align with its long-term objectives. Goldco also helps with the rollover of existing IRA accounts. This service is crucial for investors who wish to convert intangible assets into tangible ones. Unfortunately, IRA accounts' rollover is frequently complex, making specialists' help essential.

What Are the Fees?

The minimum investment necessary to open a gold IRA at Goldco is $25,000. The preferred Custodian of Goldco charges a fixed yearly account service fee, including a $50 IRA account setup fee and a $30 transaction fee. Annual maintenance costs are $100, segregated storage costs $150, and non-segregated storage costs $100.
Gold storage and custodian fees can vary according to the organization that provides these services. Using a custodian to manage your IRA assets is a requirement by the IRS. Based on the Custodian, storage fees could range from $10-60 every month, or as a fraction of the assets, from 0.35-1% each year. Goldco doesn't impose storage fees on cash transactions beyond $25,000.

How Is the Customer Experience?

Customer service is crucial when choosing a gold IRA provider for your investing objectives. If you have any queries or concerns, you need a staff of knowledgeable and helpful gold specialists to assist you. You spend upwards of $25,000; thus, the quality of service must be consistent with this cost. The customer service crew at Goldco is courteous, attentive, and helpful. You'll also enjoy complete openness and responsibility in all dealings.
Occasionally, gold IRA investment providers assist with the setup but disregard your demands later. Some unethical providers might also charge you yearly fees you didn't agree to. However, with Goldco, you need not worry about hidden costs or unethical business practices.

What Are the Storage Options?

Goldco provides several storage options at varying prices. Non-segregated storage indicates that your precious metals are stored in a vault with those of other investors. Segregated storage permits you to keep your gold IRA in a private vault, away from the precious metals of others. The major storage facilities that Goldco partners with include Delaware Depository, IDS Texas. and Brink's Salt Lake City. All these facilities conform to IRS requirements. If you buy non-IRA products, you have a selection of secure and discreet packaging delivery alternatives. Goldco includes insurance on all shipments, and online shipment tracking is available.

Pros and Cons

Here are the upsides and downsides of investing with Goldco for your precious metals IRA:



What To Look for Before Deciding To Choose a Gold IRA Company?

All gold IRAs offer the same service. Thus, they might appear comparable at first glance. Besides, numerous IRA providers are available, making it difficult to choose one that meets all your requirements. So, how can you select the most suitable gold investing firm? Here are the top 5 crucial considerations:

Information Transparency

Gold IRAs are financial instruments that could be confusing for those who lack extensive knowledge of these kinds of businesses. As such, you must familiarize yourself with how they operate to protect your retirement assets adequately.

Remember that you need to understand the many IRS laws, legal codes, and other IRA-related elements before making any conclusions. A trustworthy gold IRA provider will provide you with all the necessary information about its operations to help you make an informed decision. Once the firm's representatives explain everything, nothing should still be uncertain about your investing. The brokers should educate their clients about their investing strategies and any relevant legal issues they might be unfamiliar with.

Performance Over Time

The company's success is an essential factor to consider when selecting a custodian for your retirement savings. Providers with a long track record of success are generally more reliable than newer ones. Besides, a seasoned company can equip you with the knowledge and insight you need to make sound investment choices. A company's sales, subscriptions, and online reviews might show how well it operates. The more customers a custodian serves, the more credible they are.


Gold retirement investments aren't the typical stock market buy-and-sell transactions. There's also a distinction between gold and silver IRAs. Therefore, it's necessary to examine the level of certification while selecting the best option.

Your select custodian must have the necessary certification from relevant authorities. Gold IRA providers must also have a valid operating license. Firms that cannot provide certification proof cannot be entrusted with valuable metals like gold.

If you're about a firm's credibility, some sites can assist you in confirming the licensing and authorization. You'll feel more confident in your custodian's ability to manage assets if they can prove their reliability.

Choice of Precious Metal Assets

Gold IRA providers should offer a wide selection of precious metals for investors. Firms with various investment choices, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bars, make it easy for clients to diversify their portfolios.

Furthermore, gold IRA firms should provide their customers with various investment choices, including buying precious metals in bulk for depositories, gold bars and coins for at-home storage, and digital currencies. Some firms permit individuals to transfer their gold assets into retirement accounts and establish self-directed IRAs.

Fees and Other Charges

Unlike traditional IRAs, precious metals IRAs incur yearly account and storage costs. It is crucial to assess the minimum investment sums and charges levied by these providers against the services they offer.

Although some firms charge greater prices, the service's value is sufficient to warrant the expenses. You should strive to optimize returns by locating a gold Ira company with a competitive price relative to the value it provides.

Often, some providers will highlight the charges you should expect on their website. Contact the support team directly if your select provider doesn't have this section on their site. With this information, you can make the necessary preparations and avoid unexpected charges.

Reasons Why To Use a Reputable and Trusted Provider

Now that you understand what makes up a good Gold IRA company, there are many reasons why it's essential to use a reputable and trusted provider, including:

Help With Investment

A considerable percentage of persons who join IRAs aren't particularly familiar with how to invest in precious metals. Unfortunately, investing without the proper knowledge can be risky to your portfolio. Most reputable IRA providers offer their clients help with investment ideas. Often, these firms provide blogs, articles, and webinars to help their clients make wise investment choices. Furthermore, some providers even offer clients account managers to guide them through their investment journey, from account setup to transactions.

Are Credible

Precious metals are huge investments, so you should only invest with a firm you trust. A trusted gold ira company will have a record of good customer service and transparent operations, which assures you that your assets are safe.

Solid providers will also not levy unhighlighted charges, which can reduce your profit margin. These firms are open about their operations and IRS- monitored, guaranteeing fraud protection.

Are Reliable

Most reputable gold ira companies partner with regulated depositories like Delaware to store your precious metal assets. Storing your assets in a depository is safer compared to keeping your precious metals in a safe deposit at home.

These companies also protect your best interests, ensuring you comply with tax requirements and any relevant IRS regulations. For instance, your custodian will ensure you purchase metals with a purity of fineness of 99.5% and from a recognized manufacturer or government mint.

Offer Buyback and Rollover Programs

Most reputable suppliers offer buyback plans to clients without charging liquidation fees. A buyback enables investors to sell their assets directly to the firm in exchange for a fair market price.

Buyback plans are useful whenever you're in a tight financial situation and need quick cash. You don't have to outsource your buyer. While these plans are subject to tax and withdrawal rules, a good gold IRA provider will manage the process efficiently in a way that causes minimal investor complications.

Final Thoughts

Numerous people view gold as a reliable long- term investment for a valid reason. It can safeguard your wealth in times of economic downturn and uncertainty.

A secure vault holds your gold when you invest with a gold IRA provider. Moreover, you receive tax benefits compared to purchasing and keeping your gold at home. Just ensure you invest with a trustworthy gold IRA company and one you are comfortable with.

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