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Goldco – Business Overview

As trust in the traditional financial system continues to erode in the face of skyrocketing inflation and economic uncertainty, more and more Americans are investing in safe-haven assets.

Goldco’s unprecedented success is a testament to Americans’ collective determination to, as the company’s motto goes, “protect and secure your wealth.” The company has had to triple its staff to deal with the new gold rush and continues to guide investors through the process every step of the way.

Goldco first opened its doors in 2011. Since then, it’s placed more than $2 billion worth of silver and gold bullion — helping countless American families brave the tides of economic turmoil and invest in their long-term futures.

Goldco is a full-service precious metals company based in Calabasas, CA. It specializes in silver and gold and does not currently include other precious metals in its catalog.

Goldco at a glance:

  • Specializes in assisting investors with diversifying their savings through (self-directed) Precious Metals IRAs.
  • Delivers physical silver and gold to your doorstep safely and securely if you wish to take physical custody of your assets.
  • Has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Was featured on Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list six times.
  • Earned American Business Awards for Company of the Year twice.
  • Has earned endorsements from Sean Hannity, Chuck Norris, and numerous news outlets, including the Epoch Times, Washington Examiner, and Los Angeles Business Journal.

What Services Does Goldco Offer?

Gold has always been considered a safe-haven asset. The same holds true for silver, albeit to a lesser degree — although silver has the added advantage of being easier to liquidate in disaster situations.

Goldco is dedicated to ensuring that individual investors have the freedom to diversify their portfolios in the way that best meets their unique needs.

The precious metals dealer and investment company is able to help investors divert a portion of their tax-advantaged savings accounts to physical gold and silver through a self-directed IRA. Goldco also sells precious metals directly to clients who prefer to keep hold and silver in a home safe or other secure location. This offers additional flexibility and gives investors peace of mind; when your assets are in your possession, you can access them whenever you need to.


Gold and Silver IRAs have similar advantages to traditional IRAs but offer the additional advantage of being able to hedge against inflation and weather economic storms. While the value of gold and silver does fluctuate (sometimes greatly) in the short term, these metals have historically appreciated over time.

In addition to acting as a precious metals dealer, Goldco serves as an investment firm. That translates to a full-service precious metals company. When you’re ready to divert your assets into gold and silver, a Goldco specialist has your back — every step of the way.

The steps are straightforward because Goldco values transparency above all else:

  • Open your self-directed IRA. A Goldco representative is available to guide you through the (potentially intimidating) paperwork. You may hold a variety of non-traditional assets in a self-directed IRA, including IRA-eligible silver, gold, and other precious metals. Gold-backed ETFs may also be included.
  • Fund your Silver or Gold IRA by rolling over funds from existing retirement accounts like traditional IRAs or 401(k) accounts.
  • Decide which precious metals to hold in your self-directed IRA.Goldco’s extensive catalog contains a wide variety of silver and gold bullion. As investors decide which options best support their goals, they will have access to Goldco specialists for investment advice.

It is important to note that while Silver and Gold IRAs are backed by physical assets, account holders may not keep these assets in their physical custody. An IRA-approved custodian takes that role.

Goldco differs from some other precious metals investment companies in that it can work with all established and reputable custodians. That means investors can select a custodian with favorable fees or one near them.

Direct Gold and Silver Investments

Some investors prefer to keep safe-haven assets in their physical possession, whether in addition to a Gold IRA or as a stand-alone hedge against inflation. Goldco offers that option and allows buyers to choose from an impressive selection of gold and silver bullion bars and coins.

A Look at Goldco’s Catalog

Goldco’s specialists source some of the most prized gold and silver coins from across the globe.

The gold bullion coins Goldco currently offers are eligible for inclusion in a Gold IRA. The options include:


All of these bullion coins have a coveted purity of .9999, and are as valuable within your Gold IRA as they are in your home safe.

The silver bullion coins Goldco offers include:


Investors who prefer to opt for bullion bars can choose from various weights, with high purity eligible for inclusion in a self-directed IRA.

What Makes Goldco Attractive to Investors?

Goldco is a leader in the precious metals industry — having placed over $2 billion to date — for a reason. The company ticks all the right boxes and, let’s be honest, that very much starts with the ability to view its full catalog without having to sign up for a consultation.

Goldco’s transparent approach to precious metals investment and its clear commitment to its client base makes it stand out from the crowd. That’s to say, Goldco is no-nonsense. Its skilled, experienced, and truly passionate staff help investors understand what they’re getting into and how to best move forward.

The company has earned itself endorsements from serious precious metals investors who value liberty, privacy, and trust above all else. We’re sure you’ll recognize their names — Sean Hannity, Ben Stein, and Chuck Norris are among them.

We’re not saying that celebrity endorsements — or heaps of praise from practically all conservative news outlets, which Goldco has also earned — necessarily form a sound basis for investment decisions, but these names do carry some weight. If Goldco is good enough for those who’ve made it to the top, that certainly inspires trust in ambitious middle-class investors preparing for the future.

Goldco notably has a significantly lower investment minimum ($25,000) than Augusta Precious Metals ($50,000), which again makes it attractive to hard-working people aspiring to build a nest egg.

Plus, we like their range of interesting coins — not all of which you’ll easily find elsewhere.

What Should Investors Know About Costs and Fees?

Precious metals investment companies like Goldco are, realistically, never able to provide real-time information about the current prices of the gold and silver bullion coins and bars in their catalogs. The value of silver and gold constantly fluctuates, and expected future numismatic value may influence the price of some silver and gold coins.

However, it’s good to know that Goldco will tell you how much their coins and bars cost if you give them a call. We also like the fact that Goldco doesn’t have a preferred custodian, enabling investors to choose any approved custodian (and select, if desired, for lower fees).

In terms of minimum investment, the $25,000 mark Goldco has set is reasonable, considering that we are talking about a full-service company. Goldco specialists will be with you during every step of the investment process, including to assist you with pesky paperwork.

One final useful bit of information to be aware of is this — since Goldco only offers high-purity and IRA-eligible coins, the company guarantees that they will happily buy any coins you got from them back at market rates.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Goldco as Your Precious Metals Investment Company: An Overview


  • Goldco has been a leading precious metals investment company for years, building a rock-solid reputation since its founding in 2011 and earning the trust of prominent public figures like Sean Hannity.
  • Goldco places an emphasis on transparency and trust. Investors will not be bombarded by employees using questionable sales tactics.
  • Goldco offers a range of educational resources and real-time market insights.
  • Goldco’s catalog is extensive and includes gold and silver coins you will have a hard time finding elsewhere.


  • Investors who want to establish a self-directed Gold IRA through Goldco will have to commit a minimum of $25,000.
  • We feel like we should be able to provide another disadvantage, but no matter how hard we try, we honestly can’t.

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